dan you silly, little person just keep making it up. You fit in perfectly with iwana`s penny promoting, calamity clowns.

The facts are I owned and sold MFC a long time ago. I bought it around $16/share, held it for 8 months and sold it for about $42/share. The reasons I sold it then were the rapid price increase leading to a nice profit and I needed the money for an expense I had.

I subsequently rebought MFC shares, as I stated in my post that you reposted in your foolish post, at the price I stated in my post. I enrolled those shares in a DRIP and still hold them. My ACB would be somewhat lower since the DRIP purchases were made at prices lower than my initial purchase price. As I stated in a recent post here I am underwater on my repurchase of MFC. So in my posts you can see transparency and in your cabal`s posts nothing but dishonest obfuscation.

If you were capable of comprehending what you read, dan, you would see that I am able to be critical of the management`s of companies whose shares I have purchased and that is something you pumping clowns never do. When one of your dogs heads south you slink away to pump another leaving anyone who followed your buying blind pumps in a loss position.

If you think that I care whether you, iwana, nitefly, bluenote, echoplex or any other of your aliases buy small cap mining stocks, I don`t. And the pennies that you have to invest would never move the prices of the shares of companies that I normally invest in, so your claims that I am pumping RY or any other company are just further examples of your tenuous familiarity with honesty.

What I want by posting on the UC board is that other readers of these boards who may be swayed by the deceit of the penny promoting, calamity clowns are made aware of the deceit that their posts are laced with. What dan wrote is a fine example of the clowns` propensity for posting garbage.

I`ve never owned RIM or AOS at any price and am doubtful that I stated RY would outperform gold since I don`t profess to know where prices are going on anything; that is the ``expertise``of iwana`s crew. In fact if dan and the clowns were able to comprehend anything they would realize that I have anchored my investing approach on not making predictions.

The clowns are prone to taking a high moral tone with respect to banks yet they will mercilessly pump companies whose managers continually abuse shareholders. A few years back they were pumping  Encore Renaisance. There is a management to be proud of with multiple share consolidations and multiple name changes. The old company is folded and then resuscitated under a new name with the same theives in charge. Not surprised iwana and the clowns were backing that one.