Kudos to you PLDan.  Nice job of putting the RY pumping bum in his place.  I have no idea why he's here.  He has no knowledge of UC, silver or gold.  Actually that sounds very similar to Hypey.  Couldn't resist.


Please Yannio, tell us all if I made a bad decision buying UC at 3.5 and 4 cents.  At the moment it would take 1748 shares of UC, at the bid, to buy 1 share of RY, at the bid.  I doubt with UC's probable acquisition and a slightly higher silver price, this would be the case for very long.  UC is a small silver producer don't cha know?


One more question Yannio.  Do you still support taxing credit unions in the US?   Take your time.  It takes time to sugarcoat an answer.  LOL 


Anyhow Yannio keep your RY pumping on the T.RY bullboard, not here where we try to post about UC and precious metals in general.