Iwana, you`re living at the wrong time in history. Your attempts to rewrite history are worthy of Stalin`s Soviet Union where you would fit in perfectly given your proclivities.

You state, ``may I remind out that you were promoting many financial plays that sunk drastically and will never recover.``. Really iwana, really. Which financial plays have I promoted and which have sunk drastically never to recover?

I am a holder of 4 bank stocks, 3 Canadian and 1 American, 2 Canadian insurance companies, and a Canadian financial conglomerate. All are large caps and only 1 position, Manulife, is currently underwater for me. All pay dividends and all are enrolled in DRIPs. The one thing that I have consistently advocated, not promoted, is that using a dividend focused investment approach is the surest way to gain in the markets over the long term. The Canadian economy`s narrowness inevitably steers dividend focused investors to financials and being overweight financials happens easily. Of my 4 US positions only one is a financial, a regional bank.

Promoting is your field of `expertise`, iwana, along with deception. At various times over the many years I have posted on Stockhouse, I have stated that I thought financials, specifically banks, were overpriced and that I wouldn`t add new money to making purchases at those levels aside from DRIP purchases. I used a 3% yield as a rough and ready litmus test to value Canadian banks. As the yield drops to 3% the bank`s valuation is getting too high, and as the bank`s yield approaches or surpasses 4% the bank is better value. This rudimentary valuation tool has served me reasonably well over the years.

I don`t pretend that my investment approach is the only approach nor necessarily the best approach at all times. It is an approach that has served long term investors well and I don`t see anything, other than a prolonged overvaluation of dividend paying stocks, that will change my view about the usefulness of a dividend focused approach. If you call that promotion, iwana, so be it, but what you do on these boards to fund your lifestyle, I guess, is risible.