EchoPlex - somewhat fair comments, but misinformed. If you read some of my previous posts carefully, you would recognzie that I pointed out a few quarters ago, UC had a net positive cash inflow, but that is the only one. In recent quarters, including the MOST recent, they had a net cash outflow on the milling operations. Thus, you are incorrect. And I never, ever said balance sheet shows what they generated from mill production - balance sheet shows a declining cash balance overall, as a company whole. This was to refute comments made by posters here that UC has a growing cash balance - THEY DO NOT. As for revenue generated from the mill, and more importantly, net cash, because they are not in "commercial" mode, you need to look at the notes to the financial statements, and look at La Yesca in the capital assets disclosure to determine the numbers. This is because cash inflow from sales is netted against the capital cost until commercial operation - afterwhich, the income statement will clearly show it. The cash flow statement is also helpful, but I found UC to be inconsistent with their quarterlies in how they show the inflow from the mill, but the audited statements were more clear. 

By the way - I am not a bank pumper, and actually feel like history demonstrates gold and silver are worthy assets that everyone should have some exposure to. I just don't think owning a junkly milling operation that has been tinkering with a mill for 5-7 years is a good way to get gold and silver exposure.