WR you seem to be the only person who cares about how much "cash" UC generated several quarters ago.  Since UC achieved steady but not as of yet commercial production, UC is self funding.   Even you know this event occurred recently.  There are no silver stocks trading at this level that can boast production and being self funding.  I have no idea why you continue to live in denial but that's your business.  Short UC pal.  I dare you.  Also,  tell me right now, did I pay too much for UC at my average of 3.8 cents per share?  Of course there will be no answer. 


Your comprehension skills are lacking. You just can't seem to wrap your head around the markets being forward looking and not reverse.  Nothing on the "balance sheet" anywhere will it state what revenue UC has generated since achieving steady production.   I'm getting rather bored with your claim that no one but you can read a balance sheet.  


You bank pumpers are all the same.  RY is good.  Gold and silver are bad.  Give your head a real good shake.  Or better yet buy some UC at the current price and make some of the money back you lost on SLI.  EP