UC will trade at multiples of the current SP as there are no other self-sustaining silver producers that trade in this range.

Wanna talk about tiring statements? The above takes the cake Ivana. A statement that has absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever beyond a personal opinion and New Years wish of yours.
As for pumping RY or any other financial issue I challenge you to find posts of mine stating ANY bank stock is a buy  or a good investment destined to trade at multiples of the current SP to use your well-worn words. You don't know the difference between pumping and a discussion anymore you're so twisted in knots promoting your garbage investments. In fact your'e too busy pumping or bashing you're blind to the point you ignore the facts behind it all or invent your own to suit your narrative. 

As for reading a financial statement, in your case it is an art and a disability in fact. Even some of the more lame stock promoters I see out there would address some of what WR raises in his posts regarding the cash position of this company, but you simply cannot because its largely unassailable nor do you truly grasp the fundamentals of what he is a talking about. It's why you dance around here posting nonsense daily. Articles from two-bit websites run by kooks and other market curiousities making ridiculous predictions that will never materialize no matter how hard you shill for them out here and elsewhere.