iwana and the crew of penny promoting, calamity clowns are trying to obfuscate as they always do. Over the last 20 trading days the daily dollar value of trades of UC ranged from a low of $87.50 to $8629.43. Over that same time frame (12/10/12-01/07/2013) the daily dollar value of Royal Bank trades ranged from $51 million to $360 million. Which stock is susceptible to pumping, one that trades in the hundreds of millions of dollars daily or one that trades in the thousands of dollars daily? The answer is obvious to any clear-headed, non-agended investor.

This doesn`t mean that UC is a poor speculation. It may very well jump significantly on good news as it has a low market cap and outsized percentage gains are always possible on low priced stocks. It does mean that UC is very prone to pumping and that is what iwana and the penny promoting, calamity clowns are doing. They won`t answer one question put to them about UC`s financials, probably because they are incapable of interpreting financial statements, as WR has often pointed out about them.

I have no agenda with respect to UC as I don`t own shares of it and never will. In fact I know nothing about it. I just want to point out the obvious dishonesty of the penny promoting, calamity clowns who once bombarded the financial boards, especially the bank boards, with one dishonest post after another. They haven`t changed their methods since that time, so treat everything they post exceedingly skeptically.