hahahaha. IvanBPoor has no clue, and anything you received pilk is, frankly, made up. IvanBPoor can't even read a set of financial statements, nevermind give you an estimate how much is being produced now. In fact, with all the issues at the mill, I suspect it has been very lumpy and inconsistent, so even if managment released the number today it would be difficult to develop a reliable estimate. Yes, the company, way back when, had given some indication on throughput, recoveries and grade of the tailings pile - but I suspect they are nowhere near where they thought they would be.

IvanaBPoor, if you look back, has invested and touted many, many stocks that have been failures and delisted - a staggering number really. That is why I agree with HH - there is no vacation home. In all likelihood, he is sitting by himself in his dark 300 sq foot bachelor pad, eating cheezies, and tossing his salad to 80's fitness VHS tapes.