Hey VChamp, if you have Jentai on ignore, I suggest you take him off as he did apologize and it sounded very sincere.


Only Hypey would criticize an apology.  Sad, so very sad!  Actually he lashed out at a spammer a while back as well!  Were still waiting for you to pick just a single winner Hypey.  What 'cha got?  Anything?  I see you've been busy working (bashing) the UC board today! What a total waste of time!  But it is YOUR time sport!


Congrats on the big profit on Orko Ivana.  I didn't take quite as much off the table as you in terms of a percentage but V.OK is now in my PF risk free!  I wish GPR would get moving again!  UC will run higher in the coming months during seasonal strength and more massive stimulus coming into play!  It is very likely we've only seen the tip of the iceberg where acquisitions of silver and gold plays are concerned!  T.FR is now on my radar screen as it got hit hard today!  First Majestic has been hitting on all cylinders and is worth a look!  I do not own any as of yet.


All the best,

The Bluenote