lol! Get real will ya. The fact remains that UC has traded down over the past several years while silver went up. It's simply been pointed out to you that this is the case yet certain posters here cannot face that reality or try to parse it by making excuses. Something the company itself has perfected through the years. 

Furthermore do not presume to know my trading strategy or whether I made or lost money here. You're creating a sideshow by implying I lost money hence my negative outlook here when you know there are systemic issues this company faces you don't want to talk about. You indeed avoid it and focus on personalities instead. Not one of your posts here have ever discussed the financial statements or the need to raise capital that WC pointed out where that $2 million is dwindling and further dilution is a very real possibility. 

Neither do you address the fundamental challenges UC faces in bringing their mine to commercial production. WC is right in his last post that an old pile of tailings hardly qualifies as a major production. Particularly in light of the fact it's about 5 years behind schedule.