The PTB continue to pile on paper silver shorts.  After an FOMC meeting this seems to be standard procedure, especially after Bennie pretty much announced QE for as long as it takes......whatever that means?  Basically what the FED stated is that they'll tell you what inflation is AND they'll tell you what percentage of American's are unemployed.  Savers have been thrown under the bus to favour speculators.  On the plus side, the FED has pretty much ensured silver & gold prices will skyrocket.  $32+ silver will seem very cheap in the not so distant future.  UC will be trading at multiples of the current SP.  


Remember the silver shorts can potentially lose 1/2 billion dollars for every dollar uptick in the price of silver.  Essentially the silver shorts are delaying the inevitable.  More investors are demanding delivery and rejecting bribery in the form of fiat.  Silver will hit an all-time high.........soon!   Ivana