Interesting to see the basher(s) contradict themselves and the tenor of this conversation change.  It wasn't too long ago that the bashers were pounding their fists on the table stating there was no chance of commercial production.  Good to see you've seen the light and realize it's a given that UC WILL reach commercial production barring a natural disaster.  I didn't put a date on it as that is a mugs game and I won't play it with anyone.  Your opinion is complete with dates.   Wow!


Until you can make a public PF on Stockhouse and pick me a winner (a least), your opinion is meaningless to me!  I'll be happy to answer a question if it is worth answering.  I get many in my inbox. 


Now sunshine, why is it that you bashers fear my posts so much.  I know why but I want to hear it from you.  Ivana