What many of us of have known all along.  Big buyers of silver want delivery and not fractional reserve silver a la SLV.  There is no doubt in my mind we'll see $100 in the near future.  UC will likely trade at many multiples of current SP being a silver producer with cash.  Most stocks that trade at the level of UC have no way to generate revenue.  An excellent interview below!!!!  Ivana






The Doc sat down with Dont-Tread-On.me’s Chris Duane Monday to discuss the recent explosion in gold purchases, his outlook on silver, and the launch of the 2nd coin in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series, the Trivium Medallion.

Duane states that while the big money appears to be finally waking up to the incoming tsunami of fiat devaluation, the smart money is going to silverDuane expects silver to massively outperform gold throughout the duration of the bull market, easily surpass the current in ground ratio 9-1, and potentially reach 1:1 parity with gold prior to the end of the secular bull.


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