You're probably one of the most adept spinmeisters I've seen on this forum bluenote/Ivana et al. lol!

Let's dissect this post of yours shall we.

First you say that you find Gary's share position here rather weak and leaving much to be desired which I think most would agree implies a lack of confidence on his part that UC has the kind of future you and others out here have been spouting off about for too long now. I remember when people were going on about Jim's share position here and how his buying was such a sign of confidence through the years and yet nothing has come from that has it?

Then you go on to defend your position of wariness by saying that 'rumours'.... RUMOURS! of all things is what keeps the flame burning for you. Imagine that. RUMOURS of buyouts, mergers, acquistions, commercial production (something they've dangled in front of shareholders for years) for a penny stock! lmao! It's as old as the market itself and yet what is there to substantiate this? Management being tight lipped? A few posts or blogs on third party sites? Cocktail party conversations? The shoe-shine boy? Has it ever occured to you that maybe there just isn't anything for the company to say?

This post of yours is so indicative of how little you know or understand this company. Even the cash position you talk of is essentially borrowed money, but that hasn't stopped you spouting off about how the valuation should be higher because of it. It's not exactly profit and this company is far from debt free. It makes enough to keep the lights on but that's about it. I commend you for your attempt to understand and learn about the commodities markets and some of your info is interesting outside of your opinion on this company but your suggestion that the price of silver going up will mean this thing is automatically destined to do the same is tenuous at best.