Thanks for weighing in inshula!  At least a SANE post with something constructive!  I voted my proxy last week via Computershare!  I did agree with some of the recommendations but disagreed with others!  FWIW I voted for only two directors and withheld on the other two, who I see as dead weight and not needed!  If you've never voted online, you can find your control number on the bottom left hand corner of your proxy!  


I did vote against the option plan!  (As it stands)!  I would like to hold Gary's feet to the fire as he holds too few common shares! 


On the plus side, management has been very tight lipped in any communication lately.  There are "things" they can't say!  I've heard at least three rumours on various boards and blogs, including mergers, acquisitions or the announcement of commercial production.  UC should be trading much higher based on it's ability to generate revenue and it's cash position alone!


All the best,

The Bluenote