Expiring 13 cents warrants are a good thing!  I don`t own any warrants and I DON`T CARE if they expire!  I seen it many, many times!  Fully diluted UC will have less shares!.  I can't help it if you hold warrants and got left holding the bag as usual!  Let's face it Montypoo, you weren't cut out to many money in the market!  Whining is your thing and you do it exceedingly well!  Take a bow maestro!


Also it was rather disingenuous to say there is a mutiny at A---com!  I checked on your assessment on the mood there and it appears you have lied once again!  I see a pattern emerging here! (Wink-wink)!  The king, king of liars you are guv'nor!  Out of the top 10 highest rated posts on the UC forum at A---com, only one was negative!  (BaruBeatnik)!  Don`t take my word for it, please do check it yourself!


I`ll be happy to add to my UC position via anonymous whether they're selling or naked shorting!  What's ticking off anonymous is that many of us accumulating are beating them to the punch!  I love when a house attempts to manipulate a stock and comes up empty handed!  You must know the feeling?   It is not my fault at all that there are many NOT FOR PROFIT traders out there like yourself!  Keep the funnies coming sweetheart!


Let's face it UC should be trading at a least triple the current SP but because it isn't it will continue to be a buying opportunity for many!


All the best, 

The Bluenote