Thats not right Ivanabanana!  Not cancelling 18million shares just expiring the 13 cent warrants because this will never get there in a million years!

On the "bright" side..... MR. Anonymous is waiting  for the bid to build a bit before dumping again and again. He wants to squeeze what he can while the people with blinders still have thier hopes. If he dumped all at once this would be 1 cent stock right now !

He is a major long that took the blinders off finally before the rest and will come out with likley a fraction of his investment but more than the stuborn that still will hold to the crushing end.

I dont have an account at Adorabomb but read that sometimes and see that the negativity there now far surpasses what is here!

Ivana..... you best devote more of your time there passing out the blinders because a mutinty is coming!!

I guess that special rare diaphragm just didnt quite do the trick.....

At least Jimbo is still makin the big bucks running 2 companies so well.........

cheers Monty