Here's the 2nd "fat finger" event in a week.  Who exactly do they think they're kidding?  They have virtually no real silver!  The banksters continue to borrow "free."  Savers of course get no interest and a negative return on their savings to add insult to injury!  The price of silver is looking as though it's ready to catapult higher shortly!  (December, January or February!  Take your pick)!


Well at least I managed to add to my UC position at $0.035 yesterday!  Notice that I do NOT reset my public PF!  (lol)!  The question needs be to asked again!  An answer would be appreciated as I would buy that stock in a heartbeat, the same way I bought UC yesterday!  In bulk!  Are there any other silver plays with a very good cash position, no need for dilution, a producer, owns it's own rig, low cost, etc?   UC is a show me story at this point!  No ugly surprises in the financials released last week!   Someone clearly had to sell yesterday for any myriad of reasons and likely trigger other sales!


Here's the "fat finger" event in chart form! Sorry this chart does not get any bigger!  All the best, The Bluenote