This is classic...... Ivanabanna herself pumping at 5.5 cents and its a steal! Now its removed from hers and all her aliases public portfolios like they never heard of it! LOL



"QE3 is necessary"...
8/31/2012 10:20:36 PM  |  | 652 reads  | Post #31453376

This comes as no surprise.  The official announcement will probably materialize in the next few weeks.  Gold, of course, moved up over $35/oz to over $1690 today.  This round of QE will virtually guarantee a new all-time high for the POG.  Strength was building on the bid for RHR.  Get shares for $.055 while you still can as RHR is trading a few cents lower than the value of their cash & securites on hand.  I'll be curious to see how MYG trades when the ASX opens.  Couple that with what appears to be a stellar area in Tanzania and we have a recipe for RHR trading at multiples of the current SP.  I wouldn't get too fancy trying to trade this one at this stage.  Ivana


Ivana...... you are amazing! Ive never seen a bullboard pumper that can kill stocks like you! You deserve many praises!


cheers girlfriend!