here is Brillopad pretentding to have done his "DD" and getting in RHR at 7 cents....
he names some of the team. LOL I forgot about Tommer. LOL
they do this pathetic pump-job all over the boards and kill many stocks!
go to rhr and see! Its UNBELIEVABLE!
LOL! (more coming)
RE: On Board
9/20/2012 4:47:21 AM  |  | 544 reads  | Post #31558820

Welcome aboard!  I completed a few weeks of DD before taking the plunge and purchasing RHR shares.  The JPM's were in the doldrums but RHR seemed to be holding relatively steady at about 5 cents.  

As Ivana, Tommer, Echoplex, VChamp, etc have all stated RHR is cash rich, has 40 mm shares of Mutiny Gold as well as a property in Tanzania that is looking very desirable.  If our exploration confirms what we already believe trends on to our land claims, that would make our land VERY desirable and quite valuable.

As other have stated, this will only trade in single digits for so long before really breaking out.  Best of luck