Yes I can!  AOS did much, much worse than 7 cents to 4 cents!  Well over $1 and down to 8 cents!  You and your aliases owned it!  You make this far too easy!  


If I hurt your feelings, well too bad!  Serves you right for attacking any poster with the "crime" of posting here!  You and your aliases are waaaay over the top with your posts!  I couldn't care less what you think about me!  I'm completely unrepentant!


Sorry but I never posted on the RHR board, never had it in my public PF and never even researched it!  Way to go but you've just exposed yourself as a liar once again!   Respond with any of your aliases!  I simply don't care!  It appears you're lonely and need attention!


All the best,

The Bluenote