You can enlarge any of the charts by clicking on them!  QE will continue unabated and the price of silver and gold will continue to rise!  I believe many could be quite surprised where the price of silver could be in a few weeks or so!   UC is a steal at under 5 cents. 


All the best,  The Bluenote

Gold Sharply Higher in Yen terms and Euro Terms


Dan Norcini, Nov 23, 2012

Remember that recent call by the Japanese for more yen printing by the Bank of Japan?  Obviously this was not lost on the gold market. Can anyone say "Deliberate Currency Debauchment"?

If that is not enough, the Europeans, not wishing to be outdone by the Japanese in the sense of who can debase their currency the fastest, continue to drone out about coming to the aid of Greece. Their remedy - print more money.

I have a bit of counsel to the political and monetary authorities. Why not just cease and desist ALL TAXATION OF YOUR CITIZENS COMPLETELY. You obviously can conjure into existence, out of nothing, all the money that you need. Why bother taxing anyone? Just print what you need and end the illusion of possessing any sort of discipline or ethics altogether.

At least that way your middle class will have something of their's left over before you bums 
destroy what is left of their purchasing power.