"You're the joke Ivanka."


What a great comeback!  Is that the best you've got princess?  Ivanka?  How long have you been saving up that gem?  I'll ask you again, which plays trade at 4 cents that have a producing mill, $2 million in working capital, $1.5 million in investments with Sprott, no need for dilution, etc...!  Still no answer instead we are treated to more BS and more lies!  You can't read a balance sheet.  It's for everyone to see on Sedar.  So yes the $2 million will last quite a while.  You conveniently forgot that commercial production will be announced in the near future.  Just another detail you missed HypeRat.  Small minds think small. 


"This company is on no more solid financial ground than it was 5 years ago and beyond if you wanna go back that far."


Wow that has to be the biggest lie you've spun so far and laughable to boot.  Are you delusional?  Keep making it up as you go along. ....and tell us more about how you timed RIM perfectly and allegedly made $5K.  More comedy please!   You even do a good job of lying!  You are completely worthless!


All anyone has to do is look at the timeline of your profile and they'll realize who you are AND what you've lost!  You couldn't wrangle that property away so you've resorted to lies, lies and more lies.  Ivanka (too funny)!