"This is a public company running a capital intensive mining operation."


Wrong again mon ami.  I see you know nothing about mining, absolutely nothing!   UC is NOT a capital intensive operation.  How much money is required to move tailings to a mill?  You're a complete joke and the absolute worst basher I've ever come across on Stockhouse.  You certainly deserve a MOTY.  So once again I ask how many other silver plays have $2 million in working capital, $1..5 million invested with Sprott, no need for dilution, a producing mill, etc......and trade at only 4 cents.  Quit ducking the question!


Still waiting for an answer!  Got one?


Waaaa, no one reads my posts!  Waaa, everyone rates me a one!  Quit your crying and suck it up princess.  You lost in Mexican courts fair and square.  No amount of posting will help you.  The property belongs to the subsidiary of UC you fool.  Ivana