"As a side note what exactly is $2 million."


$2 million more than you'll ever see!!!  (lol).  $2 million is an extremely cash balance.  That balance will grow rapidly in the coming months whether you like it or not Hyperat.


"Looks like you forgot to log out of your Ivana alias there elixir proxy, bluenote, hoov and all the other stupid names you use out here to create the impression of an investor following."


Yes we all post in English.  Great observation Sherlock. (lol).  More comedy please.  It must just eat away at you that there is a good following for UC.  There should be.  It is grossly undervalued at 4 cents.


"$04 stock price which reflects true market sentiment about UC that has nothing to do with a depressed sector."


A statement worthy of a MOTY!  An inherent contradiction of terms.  By the way a $4 share price will make us all very pleased......and rich.  Wow, some refreshing candor for a change.  Ivana