"Hoov? LOL!  Almost forgot about him. Does that clown still post at Agorapump or what? He never seems to post here anymore, I suspect because he was called out for the paid shill he is. No credibility whatsoever.


Wow!  Talk about a brass nuts proclamation.......and anger!  Do you get vertigo from your high horse?  Hoov has forgotten more about UC that you will ever know.  Sorry HypeRat, but that's a fact.  You are getting increasingly desperate here judging by the number of posts as of late.  Hoov is a paid shill?  Is your tin-foil hat getting a little tight once again.  You banter is flatter than pee on a platter.  


"It's clear you don't know squat about financials."


The only item clear here is that you know nothing.....about anything.  $2 million in working capital is extremely healthy.  How many other plays that trade at 4 cents have that much working capital as well as a producing mill?  Undoubtedly the amount of working capital will be on the rise.  Everyone here seems to know that expect you.  Did liabilities come down once again this quarter?  You bet they did.  Will their investment with Sprott be worth more in the coming months.  You bet it will.  As EP stated earlier, you're still bitter regarding your skewering in Mexican court.  Better luck next time though. 


UC has a bright future and will trade at multiples of the current SP!  You don't!  Ivana


BTW I believe you've been watching too much hold 'em poker, as I highly doubt anyone would go all in on one play.  Yet another lie from the king of liars!