What facts?  I checked everywhere and nowhere could I find a garbage dump called La Yesca!  As stated before, you're a born liar and nothing more.  You're saddened by the recent judgment made in Mexican court.  You tried but you failed as usual.  You can't make money and you didn't make ANY money on RIM.  The only garbage dump is your lame posts.  So long as you're here Hypey, you will be a target.


Once again ----- Name one silver producer with cash, no need for dilution, an operating mill, investments with Sprott, etc. that trades at 4 cents.  UC is the only stock I know of that meets that criterion.  Nice jump in the price of the Sprott Physical Trust over the past few days.   I suppose the lack of shares on the ask must be somewhat frustrating for you as well?  EP

PS Truck.  I did not miss the financials from Nov 23.  I would have posted some snippets from Sedar but their system went down for maintenance at 3:00 am.   Don't work too hard.  80 hrs is a long week.  Remember as Hoov stated before on A-com that mining is an art.  UC will be quite profitable soon enough and with nearly $2 million in working capital, UC is in a very enviable position.   Best of luck to ya.  EP