The only real action with UC these days, is the entertainment value provided by this Board. Hypehater is still getting  everyone going and doing quite good job at it  based on the number of comments he is generating. I have been participating in every private placements from UC from the start when it was trading at $.10 with less than 20,000,000 shares outstanding. I made money in the first two and I lost in all of them after that sadomasochism. La Yeska has ben plagued with problems from the start and it is continuing. Hamelin, Voisin were unable to get this stock moving. The only increase, I have been seeing, is salary for management. It is a small producer but the lack of confidence in this stock by the market  is reflected in its price. I was hoping fo a double (bought some more at $0.05 months ago) around $0.12 ( I was still holding some $0.13 warrants - now expired like many ohers before that). Voisin is more interested in his FMG and other money losing scam. He pretended three years ago, he was going to retired on that one. From my perspective, UC is worth between $0.08 - $0.10 and will not get there or increase beyond that until they get their act together, something they have not managed to do so far. To be fair  many small jr stocks took quite a beating in the past two years, v.ggi and v.gcu comes to mind for examples. I will gve a call to the president next week and will let you know, if I hear something interesting.