With the usual ongoing venom spewing, seems y'all missed the financials out on SEDAR Friday nicht.  

I don't think Mr. Hype is Monty.  Monty used to be a big supporter here and I used to chat with him many moons ago.  Lay off the cat Monty, she has been right on the dates for news releases 5 out of 6 times.   Missed on this one.  Said 28th.  She's getting old.

Hype, you must have a serious kink in your neck from looking over your shoulder so long.  Was it Baruch who said if you keep doing this, you will die of regret?  Check yer pulse.

We are all well aware of the history of this company.  Constant reminders of goings on in the rear view mirror have their place in your DD, but they are not the be all and end all as you seem to suggest.  Constantly.  Let it go, my son.

I can now see why Jim was so peed off on the golf course in Sept.  The drill was down again and the rain was seriously interfering with mill operations.  Evidence is clear in MD+A.  What's another quarter or so among friends anyway?

Clear from the financials are the following facts:  Reverse dilution going on.   218 tons estimated tailings remain.  Total of 18,357,836 warrants at .13 are probably going to die on the vine by Dec. 23.   750,000 + 1.639,886 have already expired.  Lots more to fall off yet.  Revenues are exceeding expense, though not particularly strong this quarter at $294,000.  Lots of down time on the mill seems evident.

I am not real happy with the progress either, but I try to look forward, rather than breaking my neck looking back.  A friend of mine in that area of Mexico says we should not be too surprised at the snail's pace of developments as it is a right beeach to get anything done in those remote parts of the world.

My personal hope is that this board clean itself up.  If you want to analyse the financials and come up with all the bad points by all means, feel free.   Same goes for the good points.  But enough of the waste of keystrokes chirpin at each other.  Serves no useful purpose and frankly, makes everyone look like a bunch of amateurs.

Just the facts, please.

Now all y'all take yer pencils out (and let go the one in yer pocket) and jot down salient points from the 1st quarter numbers and report back.  Without the venom.

Have a nice day.