La Yesca is a garbage dump. It's been the main focus of this company for as long as I can remember and that didn't stop the continued dilution either.

Why do you continue to ignore these facts? None of the reasons or rationale you provide for this stock increasing in price has materially changed in over 5 years. Clearly you're counting on newbies NOT doing their homework here so you can sandbag them with your rehashed arguments in favor of taking a position. Did you ever stop to think maybe that's why this stock is trading at less than a nickle and a dime for as long as it has? That people aren't as naive as you are when buying into these investments. Perhaps if something looks too good to be true it probably is. An old adage for sure but never more applicable than with UC.

As for your implying that I'm a certain somebody or use multiple handles here I suggest you find a better line of attack. It's getting tiring and frankly it's so far off base it's not even funny. You're grasping at straws and it's pathetic. Every pumper accuses critics of the same shenaningans because they have no better argument to present except to attack the personalities.