Awww isn't that special.  You logged out as Hypey and logged back in as Moneyloser22.  You could have given the transition more than 15 mins or so.  With $2 million in working capital and La Yesca as their main focus, THERE IS NO NEED FOR DILUTION.  The share count for UC is quite small for a producer but I bet you already knew that.  Are you still upset about the judgment against YOU and your cohorts on the Copalquin property?  Or should I open that can of worms up for you?  I know who YOU are and so do the others who post here.  Bash UC all you want but the SP will ultimately trade at many multiples of the current SP.


Does it bother that UC will have control of the Copalquin property that in 2007, UC intersected 2.45 meters averaging 1.52 ounces per tonne gold and 112.1 ounces per tonne silver at La Soledad.  Those are OUNCES per tonne and not g/t,


Once again ----- Name one silver producer with cash, no need for dilution, an operating mill, investments with Sprott, etc. that trades at 4 cents.  UC is the only stock I know of that meets that criterion.  Nice jump in the price of the Sprott Physical Trust over the past few days.   I suppose the lack of shares on the ask must be somewhat frustrating for you as well?  EP