Hmmm, I detect a little anger Hypey.  Once again you chose to duck the question.  No surprise there.  "No" or "I don't know of any", is an acceptable answer.  Here's the question once again:


Name one silver producer with cash, no need for dilution, a operating mill, investments with Sprott, etc. that trades at 4 cents.  UC is the only stock I know of that meets that criterion.  Nice jump in the price of the Sprott Physical Trust over the past few days.  You got that wrong again as well.  So far you're batting 1.000 in wrong calls.  You still think UC will hit 1.5 cents?  Pffft!!!!  I suppose the lack of shares on the ask must be somewhat frustrating for you as well?


Sorry sport but I ain't putting you on iggy!  I will continue to attack your lies and your pernicious posts with vigor.  You realize you are drawing more attention to UC by posting here, as others are posting more often as well.  Keep it up sweetie.  EP


PS  Get it through your head once and for all.  You DIDN'T make 5K on RIM last week.  No on believes you!  More lies from the crybaby.  AND your posts are getting more frequent and reek of desperation.