Blah...blah....blah...blah.... You pumpers are truly the boring ones. Same garbage arguments used to justify the hype. 

I guess due diligence in your view is pointless since the company's past performance, or lack of, is irrelevant to you or your ilk. Who seriously cares if this is the ONLY stock trading at $04 out there. Doesn't change the fact it's a dog pal. By this time next year you'll still be trading at $04 and making the same case of how great it is. Just like all the touts before you in years past. Truly idiotic. As are your put downs of others profits. 

Coming from someone like you who hasn't made $5.00 in the market trading garbage like UC I'm not surprised. My criticism of this stock will continue to be vocal whether you like it or not so I advise you to hit the ignore button and retreat back to your fantasy world