Thank you for another totally worthless post Hypey!  No need to get defensive again.  You are the undisputed king of boring as well. 


I'll type this reaaal slow so even you can understand this.  Markets are forward looking.  No one cares what happened 8 years ago.  No one except for you and your aliases.


There are posters here who posted on the UC forum before you were a Stockhouse member.  I can bet you they made off like bandits if they sold in 2006 or used a trailing stop loss to lock in profit.  Now just because YOU don't use stop losses and employ a buy, hold and pray strategy, the rest of us can't help you there sport.  No stock ever goes directly up.  Things didn't work out for you because you employed a dum-dum strategy.  Plain and simple.  Quit crying!  No one cares!  


There are times you should NOT hold any stocks and be in cash, as well as physical PM's.  Now is the time to dump many financial stocks and get very heavy on owning juniors with excellent prospects for growth and no need for dilution or a share consolidation.  UC fits that description perfectly. 


Now is the time to buy UC and sell some of it later for multiples of the current SP.


Another chance for you but name one silver producer with cash, no need for dilution, a operating mill, investments with Sprott, etc. that trades at 4 cents.  I will continue to bring this question up until you and your multiple personalities I see an answer. Your previous attempt at a response was a cop out.  EP


PS  Congrats on your puny AND imaginary 5K profit.  Keep the laughs coming Hypey!