UC has been getting lumped in with many junior PM's with no cash and very poor prospects.

Oh come on. This is your best defence for this company after nearly  8 years of jerking investors around. That somehow you and others on this board have a monopoly on picking the winners and losers in the junior market and that you've somehow discovered a stock no one else has? How naive do you think people truly are?

You know it's not surprising that certain individuals on here choose to focus on bashing the bashers rather than addressing the facts surrounding this operation. UC has been pulling in modest revenue from its milling operations for some time now and yet still saw the need for substantial dilution that leaves this issue with nearly 200 million outstanding at present. Add to that the numerous partnerships and deals this company has inked, none of which have yielded anything in the way of value here or are unique from what others in this industry align with. Then of course there is the matter of compensation for insiders as was just pointed out in  an earlier post. The likes of Voisin and his crew are making out like bandits here while shareholders are getting the shaft with a $.04 stock that hasn't seen a dime in years and a bunch of turkeys on this forum yacking on about how great it is.

Seems to me the only defense you have to buy this thing is how cheap it is and yet you ignore the reasons why it's so cheap. It's because this company has zero credibility in the eyes of the market and will almost certainly never live up to the kinds of expectations raised here or by management. If it were, trust me when I say this would be at least a $.25 stock.