That's much than can be said for the shills out here who think all this history is irrelevant or those of us here for many years are just bitter.

Too funny!  The king of bitter now accuses others of being bitter.  You just can't make this stuff up!  There are people who post on the UC forum that have forgotten more than you'll ever know about UC or mining in general.  Give it a rest.  Posters here a thrilled to be able to buy A SILVER PRODUCER with an increasing cash position for 4 cents.  UC has been getting lumped in with many junior PM's with no cash and very poor prospects.  Once again that won't last.

Sometimes the truth really does hurt and this board is the perfect example of that. 

If you don't like this stock or this board, move on.  No one and I mean no one will care if you leave other than your pathetic aliases.  If you're going to bash, expect to get a harsh response from many of the other posters. 

You've been given many chances but name one silver producer with cash, no need for dilution, a operating mill, investments with Sprott, etc. that trades at 4 cents.  I believe I will continue to bring this question up until you and your multiple personalities decide to fill us all in.  EP