Bravo Ivana, Bluenote, NiteFly, Z06, Camarillobrillo, Christo et al!!!  Nice job of bashing the bashers.  This basher certainly does not like to have the tables turned on her/him.  His/her avatar is representative of how successful is PF has been.  He was wiped out with RIM, AOS and a few others.  He's now a bitter and broken schill.

Nice job of putting that sewer rat in his place.  He seems to be getting awfully defensive lately.  I think you hurt his feelings.  I agree, who would be proud of a rather smallish 5K gain?  Pfffft!   You can't make this stuff up.  Also, who would make a public portfolio where she/he doesn't own any of the equities?  You are correct by stating he is a "born liar."  I guess the truth hurts.

His call for UC to hit 1.5 cents was, of course, dead wrong.  It had to be wrong.  Hypey has been 100% disingenuous with every single post.  Today's management is not the same management that was present 7 yrs ago.   Only a few minutes of DD would reveal that.  

All anyone has to do is take a look at UC's most recent financials.  You'll clearly see a growing cash balance. (I believe you can add at least another $1 million to that total and I am being conservative).  The liabilities UC has are very small and shrinking.  Commercial production is all but a given.   Assay results should be out shortly.  I could go on and on.  UC is in an extremely enviable position as a silver producer with cash.  Markets are forward looking and Hypey just doesn't seem to get it.  No surprise though.

I too have been nibbling away at 4 cents, where most of my position was purchased. I have a few shares at 4.5 cents as well.  I joined the 1/2 million share club last week and will be looking to add courtesy of House 1 & 2.  Why they HAVE to sell isn't my problem.

I'm only to happy to buy UC at this severely undervalued SP.  EP