Jeez... Ivana... a little tense are we? You seem to be taking things awfully personal here for a $04 stock but then again given the lack of volume, interest or price increase here for so long I guess one has to give you a little latitude. The truly idiotic however are those that feel the incessant need to post worthless garbage speculating on the silver market, making outrageous claims of $100 prices and that if this or that scenario would happen... If China increases their reserves or what this or that analyst says, UC will naturally rise in price. 

If memory serves silver was around $50 last year in 2011 and yet UC didn't react to that increase very favourably so the connection is tenuous at best.  I've never seen such s concerted and transparent attempt to prop this company's image up as on this board. It's actually sickening given this stocks lousy history and where none of that seems relevant to the discussion. It's as if the old UC was aborted and reborn despite the fact the same clowns run the shop.