So you have to stoop so low as to diss $5K


"Diss"???  How old are you?  Yawn!  Oooh, someone can dish it out but can't take it!  Should we all feel sorry for you after continually making an idiot of yourself over here and attacking every poster other than your aliases?  More comedy please!


"FYI, I don't put my stocks in my public portfolio."


No, that's because you're a born liar!  You bought NO RiM at $9.60 and you did NOT make a measly $5K.  Who in blazes gloats about $5K?  Small minds think small!   I would suggest removing ALL plays from your public PF as they have no bearing on what you hold! 


"Keep the laughs coming Ivana...(because we all know that's who you really are)"


Yes, my Stockhouse handle is IvanaBRich.  Always has been.....always will be!  Thank you for the keen observation though.  Still more comedy!  Ivana