As an student of pyschology I find the appearance of such individuals such as HH...well... interesting to say

the least...what has motivated this person to be so full of hate and poisonous invective...does he feel better after

each posting,or like a serial killer does he have to get a greater thrill each time...he's almost reduced to posting

to himself...why does he do this ...what is his he some bitter paperboy who lost a lot of money on 

ONE stock that he actually invested in...did someone from UC's office one night take off his girlfriend's party he very lonely and considers his hateful messages conversation...I don't know...any other theories?

   We've talked about everything re: UC and til further news...good or bad...perhaps we could attempt to

pyschoanalyse (sp?) poor ol' HH...will put him on ignore soon but right now I have a front row seat to this

aberrant behavior.and its interesting to me in a clinical beat yourself up there HH...this should get

you going...have fun!