Wow! A little angry are we Cammy. Silver goes up $.50 or so since I posted that and I guess that means $100 is just around the corner eh?  LOL

You pumpers never learn do you. Gaming scenarios on the what ifs such as if silver reaches $100 and if this or that were to happen, UC would take off is just plain nonsense. I ask you people once again why this stock is at $04, can't seem to break and hold a nickle and trades on very erratic volume if its prospects are so good? Or is it that you think you're smarter than everyone else in this market and have found the proverbial diamond in the rough? A disease which affects many a hypster. My so-called rot may be irrelevant to you but in 6 years of following UC I've yet to call it wrong and have seen nothing but one continuous slide into the garbage bin. 

From $.85 to $.04 and many a bag holder out there. That's UC's real legacy to investors.