"Silver is presently at $32 so talk of $100 prices is a little far fetched and probably in the realm of fantasy which is what pumpers tend to operate within."

Silver was at $33 when you posted this drivel.   Of course you knew there was a CME margin requirement change that put some pressure on the silver price?  Of course you didn't.  Continue to live in your bitter bubble peewee.  Hmmmm, silver went from about $5 to nearly $50.  $33 to $100 is easily attainable due to supply and demand fundamentals, as well as currency debasement.  Please DO restrict your comments to topics you understand HyperKid.

"I've never seen one with such a concentrated effort of hype and touting as I've seen here with the multiple aliases you employ."-

Is your tinfoil hat getting a little tight?  Do you hear voices?  

Companies that have solid prospects don't need posters to get the word around or talk it up every friggin day.

Awwww, does it bother you that people post here daily. If you don't like it, DON'T READ THE POSTS AND DON'T REPLY TO THEM.  We'll I've got news for you peewee, it ain't gonna stop.  I'd like to personally thank you for driving me to post more often.  This company has cash.  Their cash position is growing.  (Check out the latest financials on Sedar).   Very, very low cost.  How much flaming money does it cost to throw tailings into a mill?  Not much.  No need for dilution.  Investment with Sprott in their physical silver fund.  New discoveries. (Refer to their last news release).  Assays should be here shortly.  Does this sound like a company without good prospects?  Not a chance!!!!!  Most companies that trade at this level have no cash, no production and lead a hand-to-mouth existence.

Thank you for the completely worthless post.  At least you could keep us entertained but even that's asking waaaaay too much.