'I have lots at higher prices..."   


Only a complete knucklehead does not have stop losses in place.  Your investing style is laughable at best and I'm being generous.  Remember to look in the mirror when you lay blame on how much money you lost Hyperboy.  It is your fault!  Only your fault.  ONLY YOU!

On the other hand many here have bought UC hand over fist at 4 cents or so.  Once again I must remind you onlly a loser continues to waste his time on a forum where he/she doesn't like the play, unless you're short.  If you are, it's your money to lose ----- AGAIN!  There's no shortage of willing buyers at 4 cents.

Sorry Hyperkid but UC's fundamentals are extremely strong.  Producing silver at a very low cost.  Increasing cash in the kitty.  (No pun intended Ivana).  Small and decreasing liabilities.  New discoveries, etc..

Thanks for chiming in Hy-Pinhead.