According to Ivana...... she stopped out in the olden days and still made a bundle. Thats great if you buy it! lol I could just tell you I did the same thing too. Bottom line is she was pumping this at 42 cents 5 years ago with same line "you can buy this blind" ......... now she is down 90 percent and maybe averaged down to lets say 12cents ( as she likes to say a multiple, lol)! Did Lana tell every one when to get out? Can she prove what she got out at stop or should we just trust her? Why not? She feeds the longs what they want to hear.

What does that mean to buy this blind?  Should one not take a peep at the 5 year chart? Or the track record means nothing? I dont think this is very good advise to follow......  investors have to ask some questions here about why this is stuck where it is when its so great! Why is that being glossed over? Dont worry at all this has sucked for 5 years?

Anyway I am going long now and putting in a large bid for 2 cents so, if and when I get filled in this tax-loss season (that is still 6 weeks to go)where I expect to find a new multi year low, I could turn out to be on the long team and join the pumper team and so Ivana please start rating me fives now with all your aliases and take me off ignore with the other ten. I am almost your bud now! I will help you pump this thing hard when I get in............

cheers girlfriend!