Shame on you Blue!  You got under the skin of one of the Bobbsey Twins.  So much hate from Skypehater and his less antagonistic alias Montgomery.  

"Quite simply how many silver producers are out there that have an increasing cash position, excellent prospects on their properties, new discoveries, no need for dilution, investment in Sprott Physical silver, etc.....AND trade at under 5 cents?"

I guess they couldn't answer your question and I have no answer either.  I don't believe there are any silver producers that meet your criteria at under 5 cents.  I seem to hear the same old cliched basher rhetoric from our resident dum-dums.  Maxfli from Ag----com busted these clowns a few days back anyhow.  Not sure what their angle is here, but I'm thankful they keep drawing more attention to UC. 

I agree that UC could pretty much be bought blind anywhere in this range.