Your'e a total joke bluenote. You presume much but know very little. What difference would it make if people bought at higher prices since you claim, along with every other tout on this forum, that UC is bound to reach higher levels.

By definition that should mean that I, if I were at a loss here, could recoup my initial investment and then some and would join the chorus of hypsters here to that end.

Your problem is you think the past is totally irrelevant here just because you recently got into this stock and your history of this investment began on that day. Nothing has materially changed here in 4 years and it isn't likely to in near future either. Management is the same incompetent bunch they've always been even if they've caught a lucky break here or there. The ONLY reason you guys are here is because it's cheap at $.04, you see little downside and the risk level therefore minimal. Perhaps you're right. I'll grant you that, but your hope for a rise in price comes down to convincing a bunch of lemmings of the same train of thought you've adopted rather than fundamentals which are weak at best.  

To make a serious dollar I'd rather take my money and play the blackjack tables. Given UC's performance the casino offers a better risk/reward ratio than this fleabag does.