You have them pegged perfectly Bud!  The peanut gallery is living in the past and are simply bitter they bought at the wrong time!  To add insult to injury they didn't use stop losses!  Amatuers at their finest!

There is no shortage of VERY willing buyers at this level!  I have added quite a few shares over the past few weeks.  If someone is silly enough to give away there shares at 4 cents, I'm certainly willing to buy!

The peanut gallery will never answer the question that has been posted by many here!

Quite simply how many silver producers are out there that have an increasing cash position, excellent prospects on their properties, new discoveries, no need for dilution, investment in Sprott Physical silver, etc.....AND trade at under 5 cents?

I don't know of any but with the exception of UC!  You can literally buy UC blind at this price!

All the best, 

The Bluenote