Forgive me Bud but it seems as if you've put the horse before the cart here and bought paper in this stock on the basis of very little information, or the information provided by select pumpers on this board.

If you in fact did proper due diligence here you'd see this company has repeatedly made promises to investors about the progress of their mining developments, none of which have come to fruition or fall far short of what people have been led to expect and believe.

Furthermore, UC has chronically run short of money and has subsequently pushed out numerous private placements, the effect being quite dilutive of the stock and the ability of the shares to appreciate. You need an awful lot of buying here to move this stock forward and that can only come with susbtantial news which I believe this company will never in fact deliver. 

Bottom line is that management at present doesn't have what it takes to execute on the business plan. It was a part time job for Jim Voisin for the longest time and while he may be a nice guy I think he is in over his head managing a mining concern. You have to ask yourself why a company with such great prospects has been trending down for the past 4 years under present management and trades at $.04 today. If something is hyped up as being too good to pass up it probably is best to do so. No one has made money here beyond a couple half cent spreads for quite some time and while i wish you the best with your current position I fear you'll be lucky to break even when it's all said and done.