You have to admire Ivana. It has put a huge effort into this pump job! She only ignores us with half of her twenty alias..... that way she can still rate us with the ones and make us look bad both ways. lol

To create all these alias and manage them and make sure they get 5 rates and I still havent figured out how she gets 700 reads on all of them and we just 100? OMG!

All this being said she just repeats all the same mantra over again no matter the alias and I cant see that any investors with real money would base there choice to get in on a stock ,  look to the bull boards for thier dd.

Ive never seen this work before anywhere!

Then there still is the question of why this stock stinks at 4 cents even though its so great.

Some might think of me as a basher. I am bashing a multi-alias pumper here that is failing her job. What is truly wrong with this stock is another storey. Good luck to you longs but dont drink this kind of koolaid!

Cheers Monty!