With a much higher silver price on the horizon, a producer on the cusp of commercail production, a healthy cash balance, etc.  UC could be trading at many multiples of the current SP in the not so distant future.  Love this Jim Sinclair commentary.

All the best, The Bluenote



My Dear Friends,

Today’s employment figure is a shock. A shock not because they are good, but rather because the fabrication is totally transparent. On the other side is the candidate of Wall Street and the Banksters. There is no choice here between good and bad, capable or incapable. No matter who wins, the transition to a one world central bank and a single currency is unavoidable. Both parties are experts on the art and science of stealing an election. Who knows, that might cancel itself out.

If I was a young married man, I would not have children. I would not want them to have to live through the end game of all of this transitioning into the new world of Big Brother’s matrix. I have given you the end game financially which is the Federal Reserve balance sheet’s impact on dollar confidence. I know what the new world will look like, making me totally delighted to be 71.

Gold will protect you in this transition. Silver will give you a cheap thrill followed by a spiritual experience devoid of a teacher.